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Bitterman's Salumami Seasoning Salt

Bitterman's Salumami Seasoning Salt

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At last a craft-made seasoning salt!

Umami dynamite for beef, pork, poultry—yet delicate enough for veggies and eggs. This is a real, true, all-purpose seasoning salt. The million and one dollar question is: "What food does Salumami NOT love?"  So long as you're in the realm of the savory, your mouth will thank you for adding Salumami.

Fantastic as a rub, or just sprinkle this innovative fusion of pungent herbs and traditional savory salt from India.

    Ingredients: Bitterman’s Fine Traditional Sea Salt, Coriander, Coconut Palm, Garlic, Onion, Kala Namak Salt, Black Pepper, Ancho Chile.   In short, sea salt and plenty of other herby and spicy and savory goodness.