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About Bitterman Salt Co.


Our mission is to shine a light on your own personal love of cooking and eating. Salt is not just the most powerful enhancer and the quickest and most cost-effective way to make the most of every meal--it is your connection to nature and the people in your life. Sharing amazing salts is all we do.  We see it as a sharing of values. Our salts are sustainably made, by hand, and left in their richest, fullest, most natural state.  When we say "Flavor First!" we mean everything that flavor brings, from proper nutrition to ethical sourcing to wonderful stories bout the people and places where salt is made.  We carry products we believe in.
Craft salts are profoundly rooted in the diverse culinary traditions of the food you serve - the ultimate quality, local ingredient. Most are utterly unrefined, ranging from 3% to 33% trace minerals. They come from beautiful places and beautiful people. Kosher is an artificially refined chemical with mechanically processed crystals. Industrial sea salt is no better, refined to 99.8% pure sodium chloride and standardized for global chemical markets. Cheap salt is spun from the industrial maw, an abstraction, a chemical, NaCl. There is no love. 

We're committed to delivering the full flavor of the sea, bursting in every bite. We believe salt is a whole food, a union of the ocean’s mineral wealth and skilled human endeavor. Our mission is to create a world where high quality salt is part of everyday life. We celebrate traditional salt farming and honor the highest standards of environmental responsibility in our quest to make the absolutely best salt available to everyone. Our salts are profoundly rooted in the diverse culinary traditions of the artisans that make them - making our salt the ultimate quality, sustainable, local ingredient. 


No one knows salt like Bitterman. Mark has traveled the globe for 25 years seeking salts worthy of your food. Mark is a world-renowned speaker and James Beard Award winning author of Salted: A Manifesto on the World's Most Essential Mineral, and the world’s first selmelier. A selmelier is to salt what the sommelier is to wine, providing information and expertise that helps diners and chefs get the best possible results from their food. Mark has been recognized as a Local Food Hero by Cooking Light and a Tastemaker in Food & Wine. He has been featured in The New York Times, The Splendid Table, Bizarre Foods, ABC News, CNN, the History Channel, among others. Learn more about Mark here.