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Bitterman Salt Co. is proud to provide salt to some of the world's most renowned chefs, bartenders, retailers, and food manufactures.

That's not all we do, though! We also run our flagship gourmet food shops The Meadow in Portland, Oregon and New York City, each carrying a fantastic and unique blend of craft chocolates, bitters and local products. 

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Walking into The Meadow feels like stumbling upon something that nobody has discovered before, where the beautiful, the delicious, and the unexpected are brought together for all to enjoy. We specialize in gourmet salt and salt blocks, the world’s great chocolate bars, craft cocktail bitters, and other gourmet items for the kitchen and bar.

Everything is made by hand, curated with expertise, and shared with passion. A driving force in the craft food movement and broader culinary world, we celebrate life’s simple pleasures with its loyal customers, supportive friends, and diverse clientele ranging from world renowned chefs to rabid foodies to everyday home cooks. 

We seek out the finest selection of hand-touched goods from around the world, sharing in excitement and fun of their discovery in the hopes of making an indelible mark in the lives of our customers, one table at a time.



Hand-crafted chocolate from France to Portugal to Madagascar to America 

Dark Chocolate is every bit as complex and satisfying as wine. Each cacao bean reflects the unique genetic heritage, terroir, growing conditions, and horticulture of the Theobroma cacao tree, and every cacao farmer and cacao buyer has a gastronomic perspective and level of skill that hugely influences the resulting chocolate. For this reason, eating a dark chocolate bar is one of the purest, most satisfying ways to experience the unbounded intricacies of chocolate itself. 

Just a few decades ago, virtually all cacao was sold as a bulk commodity, with little attention paid to differences in quality from farm to farm and region to region. Now a new generation of chocolate makers and farmers are leading a renaissance in cacao quality. Great cacao doesn’t guarantee a yummy dark chocolate. Expert craftsmanship is paramount.



Massive, luminescent pink salt crystals from the deepest reaches of the earth glow like freshly harvested meteorites. 

Unsurpassed in their beauty, structural integrity, and purity, all of the Himalayan salt blocks chosen by The Meadow are of the highest quality and graded for use in your kitchen. After devising techniques for cooking, curing, chilling, grilling, warming, serving and even drinking with Himalayan salt, The Meadow begin working exclusively with artisans in Pakistan to bring these rosy-hued slabs of salt to his customers. Today, Mark Bitterman leads the creative charge at The Meadow and works directly with mines to specifically select the highest quality salt blocks for his customers to enjoy at home, in culinary schools and in restaurants around the country. 



Hand-crafted bitters from all over the US

Bitters are to cocktails as salt is to food. Just a few dashes unites flavors and brings depth and complexity to your cocktail or drink without overwhelming it. Consider adding a dash of Angostura Aromatic bitters to your next Manhattan, or a few drops of lavender bitters to your next margarita. For cocktail and bitters recipe ideas or for more information on how to make your own bitters, check out our Field Guide to Bitters & Amari. 



Specialty gift wraps, bows and all the final touches to turn a present into a gift

The Meadow strives to add charm and character to every order that goes out our doors. We specialize in creating the right gift experience for the loved ones in your life. From the wrapping tape to the arrangement of items in your package we put in the extra effort to add joy and delight to everything we do.