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Bitterman's Flake Sea Salt

Bitterman's Flake Sea Salt

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Bitterman's Flake sea salt has uniquely frothy, three dimensional crystal unlike any other finishing salt we have encountered. It is harvested from the clear waters of the great southern oceans. Currents sweep up the East Coast of New Zealand and into the Solar Salt field located right at the top of the South Island.

These waters are evaporated using the natural process of the sun and wind. At the end of each summer Bitterman's Flake sea salt is carefully gathered so as to maintain the balance of minerals naturally present in salt harvested from the sea. Bitterman's Flake sea salt acquires its impossibly complex and light crystal structure by being very slowly evaporated in an open pan, allowing the formation of very light sea salt flakes.

This salt loves Spring. Use on pasta primavera, garden spinach salads, chocolate cake, or fresh picked snow peas.

    Ingredients: Sea salt