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Foodservice, Wholesale and Bulk Salt

We offer special pricing and partnership options for Restaurants, Manufacturers, Retailers or any other business with a need for really great salt! 

Interested in a Wholesale Account at Bitterman Salt Co? Follow two easy steps:



    Step 1 - Email Us

    Email sales@bittermansalt.co and tell us about your business, what you are interested in terms of salt, salt blocks or books and we will reach out to discuss your salt needs and approve you for a wholesale account.


    Step 2 - Create an Account

    Click on the Account Icon in the upper right side of any page.

    Step 3

    Click on the "Create Account" link


    Step 4

    Fill out account details 


    Wholesale at Bitterman Salt Co.

    After you create an account and we approve you to order wholesale, enter any product  page and you will be able to view pricing and order any of our sku sizes in case packs.


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