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The Meadow Salt Set

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Six finishing and cooking salts for the culinary enthusiast!

The Meadow Salt Set includes 3 salts for everyday cooking and seasoning and 3 salts for sparkle and pizzazz.

Pangasinan Star - Delicate fleur de sel for grilled meats, veggies, bread & butter.

Piran Sel Gris - Moist, mineral rich sel gris for veal, pork, roasts, pasta water.

Tsushima No Moshio - Cafe au lait grains for grilled fish, rice, veggies, sushi.

Halen Mon Gold - Smoked filo flakes for seafood, soups, ice cream, caramels.

Hana Flake - Parchment fine flakes for fresh green salads, poached fish, roasted veggies.

Haleakala Ruby - Rugged ruby red grains for fruit salads, avocados, pork, hearty Latin dishes.