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Sel Marin de Noirmoutier Fine Sea Salt

Sel Marin de Noirmoutier Fine Sea Salt

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Hand-harvested sea salt is the best way to restore the natural balance to your food: rich mineral diversity, tantalizing texture, superb flavor, produced by classical methods compatible with a health- and eco-conscious lifestyle. To understand the benefits of Hand Harvested Sea Salt, it is helpful to know a few things about the Rock Salt commonly found in a shaker, or in a carton at your supermarket, Industrial Sea Salt found at many gourmet stores, and Traditional Sea Salt.

Product Weights:

  • Taster Jar - 1.1 oz 
  • Small Jar - 2.1 oz
  • Large Jar - 8.3 oz
  • Chef Jar - 15.1 oz
  • Small Bag - 4 lbs
  • Large Bag - 10 lbs

Ingredients: sea salt