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Bitterman's Salad Salt Set - Case Pack of 6

Bitterman's Salad Salt Set - Case Pack of 6

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A sprinkle of spring for your vegetables & fruits!

Greens love salt. So does every other fruit and vegetable. The fresher and more elemental the food, the more powerful and complex the flavor gained by salting.

This set includes three 2oz jars of salt:

    Black Diamond - Black Diamond's pyramid-shaped crystals are very large and provide a nice toothsome crunch that makes for a marvelous counterpoint in texture on your food. Its raven color brings delightful contrast to a dish lighter in color and is sure to elicit an exclamation from your guests.

    Bitterman's Flake Uniquely frothy, three dimensional crystal unlike any other finishing salt salt we have encountered. It is harvested from the clear waters of the great southern oceans. Currents sweep up the East Coast of New Zealand and into the Solar Salt field located right at the top of the South Island.

    Molokai Red Coarse - This salt has been used historically for ceremonial purposes such as blessing and purifying sea-going canoes, but it also works wonders on seafood, pork, and fruit salads, and can be ground to produce a glinting blend of white and red color.