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Popcorn Salt Set - Case Pack of 6

Popcorn Salt Set - Case Pack of 6

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Butter's three best friends!

Take a one-way trip to the best popcorn you've ever made with these three salts. Sprinkle any of these onto your freshly made popcorn and you're in for a sensational flavor experience! Butter mandatory.

This set includes three 2oz jars of salt:

Bitterman's Buttery Popcorn Salt - Seriously, what's better than butter and salt on popcorn? A few things, actually. First off, more butter, and good salt. With that foundation we build from there, with the tang of locally made green onion powder, the umami umph of nutritional yeast, and just a hint of international spices. Also great on ramen!

Himlayan Pink Fine - If you ever find yourself unexpectedly hosting a cocktail party and are unprepared to receive the guests ample platters of cheese fruits and slices of bresaola and prosciutto, just whip up some popcorn, lavish it with sweet cream butter, and speckle with Himalayan Pink. Serve in your finest Waterford crystal popcorn bowl.

Kala Namak Fine - Everybody needs adventure in their life, even in the security of their own home. Heady and rich, Kala Namak is like pumping up the volume on a new home audio system and throwing in a new Blue-ray of Vesuvius erupting over cowering residents of Pompeii, enveloping you in the exotic sensations of faraway lands as they are being destroyed. Kala Namak (aka Nirav Black Salt or Sanchal) is ubiquitous in the foods of Northern India, where it is ground up into fine powder and eaten as a regular condiment. Speckled on top of popcorn, it's like trying to eat scrambled eggs off a subwoofer.