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Icelandic Birch Smoked Sea Salt

Icelandic Birch Smoked Sea Salt

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Made at a great and sustainable SaltVerks run by Bjorn Steinar Jonsson, Yngvi Eiriksson, and Gar̡ar Stefansson: three self-described foodies that brought back the 240 years old tradition of salt making in Iceland. 

The salt is produced using only geothermal power, evaporating the crystals using the heat from natural geysers and electricity produced from geothermal energy, in a small bay in the peninsula of Reykjanes (an aspiring Geopark applying for membership in the European Geopark network). The massive Eurasian and North American plates are slowly pulling apart in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Lava and fire pour forth to fill the abandoned space, forming the 40,000km long mid-Atlantic ridge. Iceland sits as a peak on this ridge. Geothermal energy, harnessed from heated water, is everywhere and a critical part of life on the island. Geothermal energy is harnessed to produce over a quarter of the islands electricity and heat about 85% of its buildings.

Icelandic Birch Smoked sea salt ensnares your nose with light yet lush woodsy aromas that make you want to set up camp and try it on s'mores before you know what hit you. This naturally mineral-fresh sea salt has an unctuous yet snappy crunch that lends itself to less fatty proteins such snapper or cod or haddock or pork or game meats or fowl. Or starches like fingerling potatoes or salads of roasted tomatoes and wilted greens.

Product Weights:

  • Cork Jar - 0.6 oz
  • Small Jar - 1.3 oz
  • Large Jar - 4.3 oz
  • Chef Jar - 14.5 oz
  • Small Bag - 4 lbs
  • Large Bag - 10.5 lbs

Ingredients: sea salt, smoke