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Bitterman's Grilling Salt Set - Case Pack of 6

Bitterman's Grilling Salt Set - Case Pack of 6

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Set fire to flavor!

Master the flavor of outdoor cooking! Whether you're grilling steak or zucchini, these chef's favorites are bold enough to stand up to every grilled, roasted, and barbecued food.

This set includes three jars of salt:

Piran Sel Gris - The all-purpose grilling salt. Amazing on steak, in burgers, on whole fish, thick pork chops, and even hearty grilled vegetables.

Fleur de Hell - Fleur de Sel meets Ghost Pepper! This infused salt brings spicy zing to chicken and pork, corn on the cob, corn bread, lobster and even oysters.

Maine Apple Smoked - Dense, smoked chunks ideal for sprinkling on grilled ciabatta, burgers, and in brines. Also brings the woodsy-smoky flavor of the great outdoors to any dishes cooked indoors.