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Bitterman's Dessert Salt Set - Case Pack of 6

Bitterman's Dessert Salt Set - Case Pack of 6

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A kiss of salt for sweets & treats!

Salt reveals an unexpected richness and depth of flavor often hidden by sweetness. Think of salt a complement to sweet, not just a contrast. These three salts bring out the salty-sweet spot hiding in all baked goods and confections, whether you're mixing up a batch of salted chocolate chip cookies, dishing up a bowl of ice cream, or baking a chocolate cake. All three of these can be used for cooking, but their greatest impact is as a finishing salt.

This set includes three 2oz jars of salt:

    Bitterman's Chocolate Fleur de Sel - Our very own chocolate salt made by infusing our signature fleur de sel from Guatemala with high quality dark chocolate. Ideal for sprinkling on top of custards, pudding, buttered cinnamon toast, or the breakfast dessert classics like pancakes, waffles, and crepes.

    Halen Mon Gold - Pastry-like crunch and caramel-like smokiness for fruit pies, berries and whipped cream, vanilla ice cream, and caramels.

    Lemon Flake - Hefty pyramidal crystals infused with lemon juice and zest provide an extraordinarily satisfying crunch and bright, pungent, candy-sweet lemon juice flavor to pistachio ice cream, chocolate mousse, brownies, and snickerdoodles.