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Himalayan Salt Block - 6x9x2

Himalayan Salt Block - 6x9x2"

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One of Mark Bitterman's favorites!

Our 6x9x2 inch rectangular salt block presents great opportunities for playing around with your presentation when serving and cooking. Arrange flat iron steak for searing on one side, and grill whole chili peppers on the other. Another idea? Arrange sashimi on one side of the block, leaving a small area for a pyramid of wasabi and a few paper thin slices of pickled ginger on the other.

Added bonus? This salt can be easily heated on a single burner and is large enough to cook for a small dinner party. This block brings dazzle and dramatic flair to every meal, enhancing the flavor of every food you place on it and salting your food to perfection - every time! 

Hand-picked from the purest seams of 600 million year old salt deposits deep under the rugged Punjabi landscape, this salt block is suitable for freezing to -320 F (-196 C) and heating to 900 F (482 C); no other salt block has been tested to such extremes!

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