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Bitterman's Salt Blocks

Unsurpassed in their beauty, structural integrity, and purity, all of the Himalayan salt blocks chosen by Bitterman Salt Co. are of the highest quality and graded for use in your kitchen.

Despite their irrefutable visual and tactile allure, it took Mark Bitterman more than a year of experimenting with and troubleshooting salt block cooking ideas before becoming fully appreciative of their extraordinary powers as a tool for the kitchen and table.

After devising techniques for cooking, curing, chilling, grilling, warming, serving and even drinking with Himalayan salt, Mark begin working exclusively with artisans in Pakistan to bring these rosy-hued slabs of salt to his customers.
Today, Mark Bitterman leads the creative charge in salt blocks and works directly with mines to specifically select the highest quality salt blocks for his customers to enjoy at home, in culinary schools and in restaurants around the country.

  • 100% pure and natural rock salt from the Punjabi region

  • Massive, luminescent pink salt crystals from the deepest reaches of the earth glow like freshly harvested meteorites.

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