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Cocktail Salt Set - Case Pack of 6

Cocktail Salt Set - Case Pack of 6

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Give your lips something to celebrate!

Salt is notoriously great on a cocktail rim, but also try a pinch right into bold liquors like bourbon or gin. With unsurpassed quality and wonderful versatility, these three handmade salts bring explosive flavor to every cocktail, from martinis to sidecars to manhattans. Any of these are great straight up whole or lightly crushed with an equal part sugar.

This set includes three 2oz jars of salt:

Bitterman's Flake Salt- This flake salt has uniquely frothy, three dimensional crystals unlike any other finishing salt salt we have encountered, making it perfect for sweet cocktails like a Spanish Coffee or savory ones like a greyhound. The ultimate all-purpose salt for cocktail rims!

Fleur de Hell - Fleur de Sel meets Ghost Pepper! One of the hottest peppers in the world, India's legendary Bhut Jolokia (i.e. Ghost Pepper) is expertly infused into the glittering crystals of the salt worlds natural born leader, fleur de sel - a spicy surprise on the rim of a margarita or Bloody Mary.

Alaska Alder Smoked - This smoked flake salt from just south of the Arctic Circle is the ultimate smoky salt. Alaska Smoked Flake has delicate, pyramidal crystals that turn tequila into mezcal and bourbon into single malt!